The purchase of DICE™ chemical dosing equipment simplified.

DICE™ Chemical Dosing Equipment

The DICE dosing technology replaces old piping layout for a more reliable, safe and efficient dosing system, while having a 50% smaller footprint.

Pair the DICE Module with a dosing pump and a DICE Panel and you get the best dosing system on the market.

  • DICE™ Systems


    Complete dosing system:
    Pump, DICE Module, DICE Panel and tubing

    No pump dosing system:

    DICE Module, DICE Panel and tubing

  • DICE™ Modules

    Suction lift, flooded suction, high and low volume applications

  • DICE™ Panels

    Wall-mounted, self-supported, enclosed and floor skid

  • DICE™ Parts

    Replacement parts and additional components

Lead Time*

Meunier Technologies understands the realities of its clients and does its best to ensure that lead times are as short as possible.

  • DICE™ Systems:

    3-4 weeks standard lead time.

  • DICE™ Modules:

    48h urgent request;

    3-4 weeks standard lead time.

  • DICE™ Panels:

    3-4 weeks standard lead time.

  • DICE™ Parts:

    48h urgent request;

    1 week standard lead time.

    Why Choose DICE™?

    Need more information?

    Visit our informational website to learn more about the DICE™ Technology and why it makes such a wave in the chemical dosing industry. You have a specific question? Contact us.