STEP 4 | Finalize your system configuration based on:

  • Pump flow — E.g.: 17 liters/hour; 7 gallons/hour
  • Chemicals used in the process — E.g.: Sodium Hipoclorite
  • System Layout: Suction lift or flooded suction
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DICE™ System DM 1/2" - Wall Mount - Enclosure - Duplex

DICE™ System DM 1/2" - Wall Mount - Enclosure - Duplex

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Inclusions of the Dosing System


1 DICE™ Dosing Module: DM 1/2" with the selected wetted parts material.


1 DICE™ Panel Wall Mount - Enclosure 

Dosing pump

2 pumps

Grundfos DDA model AR

The pump head and gasket materials are in accordance with the selected DICETM system materials

Refer to the pump and calibration column for the complete part number.

All pumps are equipped with ceramic ball check

The pump inlet and outlet are preconnected using the selected tubing

The pump is mounted on a Grundfos base plate

1.5m electrical power supply cord

No pump calibration is performed (available as an option)

No foot valve included; Refer to DICE parts to see our standard DICETM foot valves available

No control cable included (option available on a RFQ basis)

We offer on a RFQ basis other types of Diaphragm and Peristaltic pumps such as Blue & White, LMI, Jesco, Watson Marlow, etc.


Calibration cylinder

The Calibration column material is in accordance with the selected DICETM system materials

Refer to the pump and calibration column table for the exact calibration column volume and material


Tubing/piping assembly - as per drawing (Refer to the correct page base on your selection – with or without a suction manifold)

No piping or tubing from the DICETM injection port

When a suction manifold is selected, no piping or tubing is included from the manifold inlet isolation ball valve

When no suction manifold is selected, 6 ft of tubing is included from both the pump inlet and the DICE module Drain

If the system is selected without pumps:

The system does not include the pumps but is equipped with the selected tubing to connect both your pump inlet and outlet. An extra length of 12in is supplied on both sides of the pumps allowing for the final length to be cut on site.

Control and wiring

No junction box (option available on a RFQ basis)

No wiring (1.5m electrical power supply cord included directly on the pump)


The DICETM System come pre assembled as per the selected DICETM module, DICETM panel and piping/tubing layout.

The DICETM System materials are supplied in accordance to the selected materials for the DICETM block, wetted parts, seals and tubing.


Before any project execution, final drawing will be supplied by Meunier Technologies Inc. to be approved by the client.


FAT test

Consisting of operating the system at a maximum Pump or DICE pressure, inspecting for leaks and performing a 24hr hydrostatic test.

Specific hydrostatic test can be performed if required (additional charge may apply).


The DICETM System will be package in a 16’’ X 16’’ X 48’’ cardboard box.


Guidelines for configuration


Please refer to the Cole-Parmer and LMI charts to see each material chemical compatibility. 


Typical lead time*: 3-4 weeks standard lead time (excluding pump lead time)

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*This table should only serve as guidelines, they are suggestions based on third party chemical compatibility charts, refer to Meunier Technologies Inc. T&Cs.